Horseback Riding

Whatever your level of experience is with horses, we believe you'll enjoy your time at Blue Ranch Farms! We offer experiences with horses that covers everything from meeting a horse up close for the first time, to trail rides, to lessons!

Experiences We Offer


1 Rider  $125
2 Riders  $225
3 Riders  $325

4 Riders  $450
5 Riders  $575
6 Riders  $700

1 Hour Guided Trail Rides

Our horses are carefully selected to match their rider and we have horses that will be fun for all levels of experience. Upon arrival you'll be introduced to your horse. You'll learn their name, and a little bit about their history. You'll then have an opportunity to pet them and get to know them. We will then go over basic instructions such as how to mount your horse, how to sit, how to hold your reigns, and different commands to guide your horse. Then we will go on a trail ride that is approximately one hour long. We will ride through open meadows, the pecan grove, a diverse hilly forest, and return along the lake shore.

Upon our return to the barn, you can sit for a while to enjoy the scenic view and say goodbye to your horse. We will take photos for you during the trail ride and will air drop or send them to you at the conclusion of your time here at Blue Ranch Farms!

Half-Day Horseback Adventure

$225 Per Rider

Go on an adventure trail ride with us! Spend a half day with us as we ride through 1200 acres. Our trail will pass through creek beds, over limbs, downed trees, and travel through the forest. In season, we will also ride through water. Riders will have opportunities to trot and lope our horses. Half way through the ride, we will stop to rest the horses and have a refreshment break for ourselves, too! A snack and beverage will be provided, please notify upon booking if you have any allergies.

Upon your return, you will feel accomplished and probably a little bit sore. To avoid skin abrasions, durable long sleeves and pants are required on this ride. Please be prepared for rough, dirty terrain and tight spaces that can damage loose clothing. Please notify upon booking if you have any allergies.

*In order to book this experience, guests must have participated in our 1 hour guided trail ride, or be able to pass a qualification test on site.

Riding Lessons

We offer lessons primarily focusing on new and inexperienced riders of all ages!

Beginner Lessons (4 weeks) $200

A four-week course for new riders. This will include meeting the horse up close and becoming comfortable around horses. By the end of four weeks you can expect to know how to catch and tie your horse, groom and tack up, have a general understanding of different horse personalities and why it matters when riding different horses. You will be able to demonstrate basic riding skills, and you will be able to safely transition the horse through the gaits walk, trot, and stop.

Intermediate Lessons (4 weeks) $200

A four-week course for individuals with basic riding skills. By the end of the course the individual will have knowledge of basic handling of a spooky horse on the ground and in the saddle. How to navigate obstacles, have confidence in going up and down hills, and an understanding of the concept of lunging and why and when to use it.

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