Here are some of our frequently asked questions!

Q: Can we visit your farm?

A: Yes! We offer many activities and goodies for purchase. Book a horseback ride or visit our Saturday morning farm market to visit us.

Q: Are you 100% grass fed, and what is 100% grass fed?

A: Yes! We are 100% grass fed, and we feed our ruminants (cows, goats, & sheep) grass and only grass through rotational intensive grazing. We finish them on grass as well, and not on grain like most meat providers. All other production animals (chickens, ducks, & pigs) are raised out on pasture and supplemented with limited grain products.

Q: How does the Farm 2 Fridge membership billing work?

A: Every membership is billed on the day you sign up and then shifts to auto pay on the 1st of every month after that, until the end of the season. When you sign up for our Egg, Produce or Poultry Box, you will pay for that calendar month's worth of Thursday pickups. Whether there are 4 or 5 pickups, you will pay that same monthly fee. Same goes for the date you sign up. You are paying for that full calendar month whether you sign up on the 1st of 15th, so plan accordingly! You will also need to purchase a Farm Box Deposit for $45 for each membership you sign up for (excluding the Egg Box).

Q: Is Blue Ranch Farms organic?

A: We follow organic practices, and do not use any harmful chemicals, or additives. We have begun the application process to be certified organic, but until we have received our certification we are not allowed to make any claims of being organic.

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