Great Pyrenees Rescue & Rehome

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them.
-Thom Jones

Great Pyrenees are beautiful livestock guardian dogs that take their job very seriously. Their job is to protect their owners and everything that their owner shows care for or attention to. Great Pyrenees are nocturnal by nature and have a deep bark that they use to warn predators to stay away. While this is ideal in the pasture with baby goats, this behavior doesn’t work very well in someone’s home… which leaves many Great Pyrenees needing a job on a farm and a new place to live. Some Great Pyrenees do well with guarding chickens while others do better with baby goats or lambs. 

Here at Blue Ranch Farms we are often asked if we can help take care of a Great Pyrenees that needs a new home and a job. While our wish is to say yes every time, we need our community's support to be able to take in and care for every Great Pyrenees we are asked to lend a hand to. Every rescue dog that comes in we spay or neuter, treat for fleas, ticks, heartworms, and make sure that they are current on their immunizations, rabies shots, and put them on a high protein diet. As the dogs begin to feel rested and healthy, we let them out to be with our livestock and monitor them closely. We all spend time with the dogs so that we can ensure they are well socialized too!

You can be a part of helping these incredible dogs by donating to our 501c3 non profit or by volunteering for our rescue program. Every dollar donated becomes a lifeline for our rescue animals. Your contribution covers the basic needs of each animal that enters our program – nutritious meals, warm beds, spay/neuter, immunizations and other life saving treatments, ensuring they heal both physically and emotionally. From there, we work on behavioral obstacles, trust building and creating a bond based on unconditional love. We'd like to continue accepting any and every rescue animal that calls on us – your support makes it possible!

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