The Healthiest Place On Earth

The Healthiest Place On Earth


The Healthiest Place On Earth

A Regenerative Farm in Lexington, Texas



The Healthiest Place On Earth

A Regenerative Farm in Lexington, Texas

The food we want for our families maximizes health and taste, not shelf life or convenience. We achieve this through our biological and regenerative farming principles and practices.

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Principles We Follow

• By taking great care of the soil, plants and animals, the land will take great care of you.

• The most delicious, nutrient-dense food is grown regeneratively and sustainably, through soil health and a biodiverse ecosystem.

• We work with nature, not against it. Farming should promote biodiversity and wildlife.

• Maximizing photosynthesis creates a thriving environment.

• A farm should become more productive every year with less work and without requiring additional inputs.

Green grass with a blue sky background.
Newborn St. Croix Lamb standing in grass.

Practices We Use

• No till drill seeding to avoid disruption of soil structure.

• Multi-species grazing to promote biodiversity.

• Growing grasses and plants on the entire garden and pasture at all times adds carbon, nitrogen, organic matter, and protects the soil.

• Intensive rotational grazing allows the sun and plants to do more for you.

• Matching reproduction and lactation to seasonal forage growth.

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