Doug's Rescue Story

As a farm that uses Great Pyrenees as our primary Livestock Guardian dog breeds, we've seen it all. From purebred lines to rescued mixes, each GP has that guardian instinct that is so recognizable to the breed. We are proud to rescue guardian dogs who need the proper care and home to live in, and by home we mean beautiful fields of livestock that they learn to love. Blue Ranch Farms became home to Doug last year. The improvement we have seen is astounding, making him one of our proudest success stories. After many requests, we've decided to share his story with y'all. Read about his transformation from being homeless to king of the sheep.

Last October, we received a phone call from Waiting Under the Willow Foundation, a dog rescue organization in Houston. A Great Pyrenees had been brought to them and needed major love and care. This poor guy had been found tied to a tree and abandoned. After checking with all of the local neighbors, it was confirmed that he did not have a home. Local folks were trying their best to put food or water out for him but no one took ownership. Before WUWF could even finish telling us about him, we said YES! Our team jumped in the car and started driving out to meet them. Upon our return to the farm, it was clear that this dog needed a lot of rest, food, nourishment and love.

We named Doug after the tree ‘douglas fir’, which ended up being a perfect name as he spends his days shaded under our abundant trees. We were fortunate that the vet was already scheduled to be out at the farm and could thoroughly check Doug over. Doug was very underweight. We fed him a good diet that was rich in calcium and high in protein. His favorite treats were "peanut butter burritos" (a flour tortilla smothered with peanut butter, rolled up). It wasn’t long before Doug would stand at the window crying to go outside, which is common for Great Pyrenees. As he was doing great with the people at Blue Ranch Farms, it was now time to introduce him to some of the other dogs and livestock. Doug met Blu, a reliable older Great Pyrenees here on the farm, along with the St. Croix hair sheep. Blu really took care of Doug, and introduced him to the sheep. They were all in the garden at that time cleaning up after the fall harvest, which made it easy for us to keep an eye on all of their interactions. We always monitor new dogs to make sure they are gentle with our livestock. Doug showed an instant connection with the sheep and they trusted him. Their love for each other grew under the watchful eye of Blu, and ourselves.

Over the winter, Doug has gained about 20 pounds and improved his health and the condition of his coat significantly. We saw improvement in his energy and endurance, more in alignment with the characteristics of Great Pyrenees. He will not leave the sheep, or their baby lambs for anything. He fiercely protects them day and night. Doug has become a very reliable, strong protector of the sheep herd, and we are so thankful that Doug has come to live here with us at Blue Ranch Farms!

Doug is a very sweet natured dog and you can see how kind he is with the baby lambs. He is very dedicated to his herd, and will not leave their side!

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